My youngest sister is getting older.

Dear Najihah,

Yesterday(5/2/17),marked my youngest sibling,Najihah's birthday.I have never been a person who frequently dedicated a post of my siblings nor my friends everytime they have their birthday coming.But I thought i will write something for her,since she is turned to 16 years old.

It feels like yesterday when I was at standard 3 when my mother give birth to her.I remember the exact place and time,in which Najihah was born.When I heard that my mother was rushed to Hospital on that tuesday's morning,I was glimpsed with both mixed feeling of excited and happy.Why?Because i got to have another sibling in-coming and most importantly,I was very sure that I will not attend the school on that day,hehe.

I was hoping to see the baby upon finished delivering her,but we were told that it was Macrosomic baby with weight of 4.5 kg!And it was delivered normally.haha.Hence,Najihah was held in NICU for couple of days.When I heard my father talked to us and exclaimed about his surprised reaction of how big the baby is made me thought:The baby must be as big as me since everyone was giving the same reaction of how shocked they were when they heard the news from my father.But,of my view on the day seeing Najihah for the first time,was like,"meh,it is not that big"(Well,this was a thought from a 9 years old boy who was still yet to determine wheter it is normal or not).

I also remember that,abah was still excited seeing you as his new children,as much as he excited seeing us when we were babies too.He would come home from his work,no matter at what time she arrived home,and play with you.Me,myself,I was growing up together with you and seeing you grow up from toddlers to adolescent,but I'm looking to you in a brother's perspective.I had a memory when you were 8 months old and Mak used to give you Nestume and I will squeezed around asking for the same food.Sometimes,I even finished the baby cookies that Mak bought to feed you and come to her attention that she felt weird noticing the food in the rack was already finished though it was only 2 days buying it.

As you grow,Mak,Abah,Kakmirah,myself,Nabeelah,Nadhrah and Fauwaz all noticed of how you are changing from a baby to what you are now.Najihah is the only sibling in my family that does not go to a boarding school.When I asked Mak about this,she said "Kalau Najihah pergi asrama,sunyi lah rumah ni,sebab semua orang pun takde kat rumah".Though she is the youngest,but she never been a spoiled and pampered child.In fact,she often get scolded as much as we were when doing wrong things.She never asked for any expensive stuff,and even when she was offered a present,Najihah could confidently rejects for it.The only present I gave to her was when she was in standard 6. I bought her a Barbie doll though she does not play it much often.

One thing I realized about your attitude is,you often feel reserved and shy in moment.You rarely speaks for help and at times I'm afraid that you are hard to gain self-confidence.After few hours of lecturing(Since I am always free at home,so let's find some job to do for example schooling my siblings will ya?),she started to change a little day by day.Now,I see a mature you.I like how well you are accepting your weakness and try to fight it everyday especially after changing your school.You know when to study,when to socialize yourself and does not blindfolded-ly wasting your time.You have shown that you are able to guide and cruize your future without depending on others.I'm not sure what are you planning for your future,but trust us,we will always be there no matter where are you going.

As much as my ego as a big brother scarce my emotion towards you,a big part of my heart is proud of you.Well,you are probably never get to read this unless,someone shows this to you,which I can confidently mention,no one will ever be(since,none of my siblings read my blog).But if you are happened to read this one day,please be someone that everyone really cherished for,proud for.And I can assure you that , InsyaAllah will be seeing the more successful of you in the near future.

Foto Nor Amirah Husni.

                       Najihah is on the second right(Next to my auntie).Well,she is really tall compared to my other sisters.