think out of box,shall we?

assalamualaikum n happy ramadhan to all readers(if any)..=)

Ever heard about Theory of Darwin?a scientist who claimed that,ape is our predecessor and chimpanzee,monkey and humans come from the same ancestor?gosh,it's so hilarious.let me,as a normal student answer this.remember,my points are just a few out of can be varied,use our brain wisely,instead.

well.some famous blogger are in the Darwin's side.of course they are malays and muslim(definitely yes!).they support the statement because they think themself are pro enough knowing all the topics about the theory of evolution.By reading a few evidence saying that a homo sapiens evolve from the existence of apes,support with the research made by Darwin,saying that 96% of human's DNA is exactly the same as an ape's.i'm not sure wheter the research was truely being done,or it was just a "make-up" experiment in order for the jews to twist muslim's mind.wait a minute.96%?woahh,as far as i know,genetic study only approve  similarities of something to something,if they have a flawless result,meaning that,there's no any lackness or "hole" that can change the nature of the object.for example,humans and apes.And let say yes the DNA facts proved that we are related to apes, but that alone can't be used to support darwin's theory of im fully concern,i believe to the phrase,environment affects achievements.same goes to is very spesific and sensitive and it is not easily changes according to the make DNA,we need a phosphate,sugar bond and also a suitable doesnt create to itself,proving that,DNA has been inside humans since we were's special and nothing can be compared with it and be changed easily.unless if u try to create another bomb massacre.the next Hiroshima and what i meant?

if a DNA test proved that a grown man and a newly-born baby is biological related,can i say that the man is originated from that baby?one more thing,a DNA is just a sequence,but it doesnt count as a same level of genome right?and functions of genome is completely different to each spesies(campbell page 286,just recalled,haha).

err,btw,i heard from a trustful resource,says that,the theory of Darwin's is just a theory,and doesnt count as a,it cant be accepted right.a theory is not definite and prone to change.well,how about an archeology expedition made by Darwin(i guess i'd said his name thousand of times),showing that numbers of complete skeleton with skull of apes and when a test been done to it,it shows they were lived during the Paleolitic's years(the era where scientist believe the starter of home sapiens civilization)So,what should we say about this?we trapped already?not yet i guess.this is the answer.correct me if im wrong.according to Al-Quran:

So when they were insolent about that which they had been forbidden, We said to them, "Be apes, despised."(surah Al-A'araf,166)

It has been written in Quran,saying that there was a group of people living next to a sea.and Allah has made an illegal for them to catch fish during saturday,but they against the,they have been changed to apes.maybe the skeleton figures found by Darwin's,were them?

in conclusion, Allah can create life whichever way He like - evolutionarily, 'just like that', mix of both or any other my opinion,evolution does esixt.

Btw, if evolution is the only way all of life on earth (we)are created, who or what can stop Allah s.w.t. to make exception(s)?Isa a.s. is an exception too right?

my advice,dont ever try to questioned about the power of divine.who are we to hesitate about His power?we are just slaves.Thanks to Darwin,people start to realize the power of Quran.

its quite creepy kan?:O

p/s-oh,im too late to change my course.kidding..=D