A compliment

Yang pasif kat alam realiti biasanya antara mereka yang paling aktif dalam alam maya-Sam

yeah,that's so true.no wonder i'm very rare updating my status on facebook.haha..:p

yeah,live your life.it comes once.explore the world.

cherish the life

Today was the first time for me to meet a tailor.i mean,my truly intention,not because of being forced by someone to have a nice shirt so that i can brag with everyone.actually,the reason why i met the tailor,is because of the pre med's annual dinner.my head start to spin off when i first saw the theme for the dinner.the attire.guess what,bold and beautiful.why dont they just change it into beast and beautiful?well,basically,it written there,BOLD.so,for this kind of glamorous event,and the theme actually,the guy need to find a tuxedo which may cost thousands,unless if we rent it.

so,to make it short,my mother bring me to the tailor.well at first,this decision really overwhelmed me as i can own a tux where it fits me well(just because of it's created just for me).my brain start to turn its function into a more simpler task,the calculator.i keep thinking about the price,and maybe it will range from 400-600 bucks.

as my legs started to enter the tailor's shop,my eyes was pointed on a notes been sticked on the door.it stated there,the fee for the tailor's is at least,550.not included with the duration for the attire to be done.well,butterflies in the belly*

but,it's ok.i considered that as a joke.so,my mother and i entered the shop and then showed the designer what kind of tux i'd love.so,here's the dialogues.

me:aaa,tokey,baju camni boleh buat x?style japanese sket?blakang panjang2 sket?
T:ha?ini macam ka?sy dah tengok banyak kali style macam ni.memang popular ni.ramai tempah,cina,melayu,india pun ade(then he started to giggle,dunno why)
me:so,berapa harga die agak?bile boleh siap?
T:baju macam ni,artis je pakai ma.dia olang ade designer dolang sendiri maa.
me:oh,so sy x boleh la baju camni?(heh,u think u are an artist?pissed off)
T:boleh tu boleh,tapi duit manyak sket maa.
T:*he showed a "peace" sign with his fingers(means two)
me:ohhh,2 ratus je?wah,murah2.
T:dua latus tak boleh laa.mana boleh cari makan maa.2 libu maa(means two thousands)
me:erkkk?takpela tokey,sy gerak dulu.thank u.

my dream start to burst into pieces.waa,2 thousands to be spent for a starchy black tux?just for a dinner?is it worth?i dont think so.i decided to make a survey first,anywhere.ptfffff.pity me.T__T


next time maybe

get lost.will u?

Congrats friends.:)

assalamualaikum.A simple word,but brings a good meaning.peace be upon u..:)

as usual,as u the readers can expect, a same and boring things will be written by me.it's nothing actually.i'm just thinking to pamper myself by feeling envy to those who are finished already their foundation class or any particular exam.yes,it's going to be a long paradise day after this right.darn.leaving me here,stuck by a lot of assigments,with all the crappy things here.haha,just kidding.trying to put a sense of humour for this tedious post.let me enjoy the recitation.

For my Pasum's friends,glad to hear that all of u finish already the exam.The day of reckoning,hehe.i'm very sure that most of u can endure it well.well,it's just a small matter for all of u,the selected student kan?..:)

For my Palam's friend,i heard that all of u got the result already.just praise to allah for anything.there's must be a reason for the things to happen.dont be overwhelmed by it,ok.forget about it,keep yourself with the exuberant mood.ignite the fireworks.got what i meant?

ok,that's all.another futile post..:)


Friend,while i sympathize,i cant really do very much to help u.nah,just kidding.come closer to me,let me pat your back.*sincere thought maybe..:)

nothing,i just write something but then my hand suddenly erase it back.i wonder why i dont have an enough strengh to fight all those invaders that keep lingering my life.of course it's not the human.i start to think further about my life.do the same things everyday,i'm used to it.imagine if one day(god willing),i plant myself in ireland.will i suffer from a common syndrome(it's for the foreign students actually)?or it's so called the homesickness disease.should i call my father,and ask him to charter the airplane for me,so whenever i feel like missing my family,straight away the airplane appear in front of me and then swift on the air,pass the clouds,mesmerizing by the beautiful of the blue sky.ah,airplane,i wonder when i can own it.haha.or maybe my father can hire someone as the liaison so that the person can provide me with all the information about my family,so that all their business is always in my hand.i'm pretty sure that this kind of feeling makes them worry.oh worry is not in the term of anxiety but annoying..-__-"

saiful,why dont u just stop typing something as it looks like  u talking gibberish.dont wasting your time,im so sure that u have a lot of "things" that need to be pampered.yes,u should thinking about your anatomy subject.
with tonnes of human part including those that we can't see with our naked eyes.ahh,brain,brain,hold on,dont burst into pieces yet.try as hard as i can to remember the subject.flawless,maybe..:)

ok,that's all.got to do something,recalling2.

here comes the scourge..

Dalam dunia ni,ade beberapa individu yang penting bagi kita.takde dorang,yes,ko tumbang punyelah.jadi macam tiang kat kita.well,depends kat orang tu lah,siapa individu die.bagi aku,semua orang kat dunia ni,penyokong aku dari tumbang.tak kisah la dia baik ke tak,sebab,setiap orang main peranan dia,dan sedar tak sedar,ape2 benda yang orang lain buat,nampak tak penting,sebenarnye,dia semacam kasi 1 corak kat hidup kau.

aku bagi contoh diri aku,aku dulu sekolah agama,masa form 1,tapi keluar masa bulan 6 tahun tu jugak.bukan ape,aku tak tahan dengan environment die,bukan sebab kena bangun awal semua,tapi sebab macam mana orang sekeliling react dekat kau.yes,aku masuk sebulan lambat dari orang lain,sebab aku patah kaki dulu.so,sebulan lambat,bile aku masuk sekolah tu,semua orang dah ada kawan masing2.tinggal aku sorang je kena cari kawan sendiri.tapi,aku tak biasa cari kawan baru kat situ,aku lagi biasa dengan kawan2 lama aku sekolah rendah dulu.rase gempak lah,ade geng,boleh buat macam semua.tapi masuk sekolah ni,ha,ambik kau,cari lah geng sendiri.boleh tak?dengan senior punye,dengan umur kau orang anggap tak matang.yeah,culture shock dekat aku.So,dicepatkan cerita,aku akhiri kisah aku dekat sekolah tu,dengan bad memory,adelah memory tu.malas nak ingat dah.

then,masuk sekolah dekat ipoh,tapi still hostel.asalnye,aku nak sekolah dekat denga rumah aku,yelah geng2 aku semua ade dekat situ,tapi parents aku berkeras tak nak kasi jugak aku sekolah situ.ikut jelah,tapi still memberontak gile2.kat sini,baru aku dapat bentuk diri aku,jumpa kawan yang sekepala.for sure lah lama jugak aku nak adapt,tapi,still aku boleh tahan lagi.kat sini,baru aku boleh perform pelajaran aku,sosial aku.banding dengan sekolah agama aku dulu tu,hancur habis pelajaran aku.stress semua.haihh.

then,masuk form 3,aku dapat skor untuk pmr,dapat tawaran belajar kat seremban.then,dekat situ pun aku ok,pelajaran,sukan semua.bukan aku nak brag ke ape,tapi sekolah dekat situ,aku dapat bagus jugak untuk spm aku.then skang ni,aku tengah ambik medic under mara.insyaallah,aku akan ke medical degree bulan 9 ni and dapatkan tempat ke Ireland.nampak macam mudah kan,jalan hidup aku,tapi,sebenarnye,boleh pecah jugak kepala aku,tapi aku cube tahan sampai aku mampu.takpe,Allah kan ade....:)

tengok,macam mana die efek life aku,dari aku patah kaki,then nak keluar dari sekolah agama tu,then nak masuk sekolah menengah biasa dekat rumah aku,tapi pergi sekolah asrama dekat ipoh,sampai aku umur sekarang.die efek semuanya.parents,orang sekeliling semua play their roles.macam involuntary action.tak sedar pun.so,aku fikir,kalau kite gagal,takde sampai mati gagal,insyaallah ade solution die.

thank u dekat parents aku,bestfriends aku,kawan2 aku,then coursemate aku jugak.tanpa korang,aku useless kot.hah,don't worry,u always on my list.just below my parents.a slight one.AL.:)

Yes u are..:)

You're a dependable source of comfort;
You're my cushion when I fall.
You help in times of trouble;
You support me whenever I call.

I love you more than you know;
You have my total respect.
Wipe my tears whenever i feel sad,
Appear wherever I shout,
Fix me when i'm in pieces,
Never leave me when i'm alone.

Yes,you are the only one.Actually,both of u.yes,a true sentiment..:)

piercing my feeling


I'm touched..:)