Friend,while i sympathize,i cant really do very much to help u.nah,just kidding.come closer to me,let me pat your back.*sincere thought maybe..:)

nothing,i just write something but then my hand suddenly erase it back.i wonder why i dont have an enough strengh to fight all those invaders that keep lingering my life.of course it's not the human.i start to think further about my the same things everyday,i'm used to it.imagine if one day(god willing),i plant myself in ireland.will i suffer from a common syndrome(it's for the foreign students actually)?or it's so called the homesickness disease.should i call my father,and ask him to charter the airplane for me,so whenever i feel like missing my family,straight away the airplane appear in front of me and then swift on the air,pass the clouds,mesmerizing by the beautiful of the blue sky.ah,airplane,i wonder when i can own it.haha.or maybe my father can hire someone as the liaison so that the person can provide me with all the information about my family,so that all their business is always in my hand.i'm pretty sure that this kind of feeling makes them worry.oh worry is not in the term of anxiety but annoying..-__-"

saiful,why dont u just stop typing something as it looks like  u talking gibberish.dont wasting your time,im so sure that u have a lot of "things" that need to be pampered.yes,u should thinking about your anatomy subject.
with tonnes of human part including those that we can't see with our naked eyes.ahh,brain,brain,hold on,dont burst into pieces yet.try as hard as i can to remember the subject.flawless,maybe..:)

ok,that's to do something,recalling2.