come back for a while

salam.just a short post.

it's been a long time since i wrote about my life here.well,as the usual me,nothing special in my new level of life.just to inform, i'm now enrolling in ukm medical degree,but the place of study is still located in penang,and going to spend the next 5 years in north.2 years for pre clinical,and 3 years clinical in hospital.

life is great here.well,my batch is now trying to develop chemistry between each other.some of the new students came from ccums,some are from matriks and foundation.well,they are great friends,and it's not a problem for us to create bonds with them.

i'm currently living in  fully furnished house together with 5 great friends.haha.well,most of them are able to cook great foods,and as for me,i've been given duty to prepare drinks during eating time.hey but i'm up to a new level where i learnt already how to prepare nasi ayam.yeah,that sounds great for a guy like me.haha

the next thing is about my study.the things that i heard before about how tight the schedules,where most of the time we spend on books,and we dont have enough time to relax,err i must say it's true.but i'm trying my best to suit and immerse together will all the time table.less lectures,but here,medical students are prone to problem based learning(pbl) as our study approach.

ok lah,that's all.going to pack all my belongings.bye2 to my house,welcome back my hectic life.when it should be ended?#sigh