I should be studying

Salam and hi there.

It has been 6 months since I finished my med school and upcoming 2 days will be my day for SPA interview.Honestly, time flies so fast that I barely count every second since the day I started my foundation in AUCMS with a dream to flee to Ireland.Well,things didn't come as what I planned but it was the nicest plan from the Almighty that I'm able to reach my current state,graduating from MD UKM.Not bad afterall Alhamdulillah.

There was time during my degree years that I was perhaps almost getting planked down,but thankfully I managed to climb the ladder back.I was having trouble during my 3rd year when my former collage was declared bankrupt.We have almost nowhere to go but as a bless as I could,for been a goverment scholar,they managed to absorb us into MD UKM,yes because of the similar programme and study we've gotten back in AUCMS.Lucky for us to be getting chance to study in this prestigious med school.Alhamdulillah,from 58 of us entered UKM,the last pro exam noted 54 of us passed the exam(The other 4 are going to pass the exam this coming february InsyaAllah).

Since before we finished our study,we were bathed with news that medical grads need to wait for at least 9 months before embarking the housemanship world and guess that it is being true.So for the next 48 hours,I will be facing my interview and need to wait at least until the first day of April before they announcing the results and another 15 days to fill up the E-houseman(For us to choose which hospital we are interested).So by calculation,we might start our housemanship at the end of April InsyaAllah.

Another predicament that need to be faced by us is the Houseman contract,which I believe the doc-eats-doc world is beginning.Basically,we need to fight with another thousands of Houseman for a limited post for goverment medical officer and if we fail,go get ourself finding a private sector(as if the private sectors want the rejected).

I cant consider myself as a passionate young doctor.I want to do what I am able to do without driven to be the best among the best by taking chance on others.We all know that we are all going to fight for the post,but not in this way.I'm praying that I am able to do the job sincerely and getting myself a supporting team that would not let each team members lagging behind.

To be truth, I do miss my day as a medical student though I'm yet to start my job.Even though there were times when I'm getting tired with certain people or situation,stressed to get up so early and found out you forgot to cover the bed during ward round and being scolded in front of other people,feeling embarassed but it is all the harsh reality to train me to be a better muslim doctor in the future.I am not a type of telling myself too much about my profession,it just today I want to tell someone about it,or in this blog.

When certain people of my age start to get settled down with their loved one,building a business,buying house,I am still nowhere near to that.But I am blessed with what I have now,rich with love from my family and friends and most importantly,I can really feel that Allah loves me as His servant so much that I feel ashamed being a weak servant and not able yet to reach the level for a pious muslim to serve Him.

To all my friends out there and the readers who are reading this.Remember,if you are having trouble of your life and you feel alone like no one care about you,no worries,talk to Him.Everyone of us are having the time of ourself,each one of us facing our own problem but it all depends on you how do you managed it?Dont give up and whenever you are feeling down,let yourself up and seach again the spark.The spark that once ignites your inner spirit to start the things you are giving up now.

p/s-Do pray for me for my upcoming interview. ^_^