Congrats friends.:)

assalamualaikum.A simple word,but brings a good meaning.peace be upon u..:)

as usual,as u the readers can expect, a same and boring things will be written by's nothing actually.i'm just thinking to pamper myself by feeling envy to those who are finished already their foundation class or any particular exam.yes,it's going to be a long paradise day after this right.darn.leaving me here,stuck by a lot of assigments,with all the crappy things here.haha,just kidding.trying to put a sense of humour for this tedious post.let me enjoy the recitation.

For my Pasum's friends,glad to hear that all of u finish already the exam.The day of reckoning,hehe.i'm very sure that most of u can endure it well.well,it's just a small matter for all of u,the selected student kan?..:)

For my Palam's friend,i heard that all of u got the result already.just praise to allah for anything.there's must be a reason for the things to happen.dont be overwhelmed by it,ok.forget about it,keep yourself with the exuberant mood.ignite the what i meant?

ok,that's all.another futile post..:)