cherish the life

Today was the first time for me to meet a tailor.i mean,my truly intention,not because of being forced by someone to have a nice shirt so that i can brag with everyone.actually,the reason why i met the tailor,is because of the pre med's annual head start to spin off when i first saw the theme for the dinner.the attire.guess what,bold and beautiful.why dont they just change it into beast and beautiful?well,basically,it written there,,for this kind of glamorous event,and the theme actually,the guy need to find a tuxedo which may cost thousands,unless if we rent it.

so,to make it short,my mother bring me to the tailor.well at first,this decision really overwhelmed me as i can own a tux where it fits me well(just because of it's created just for me).my brain start to turn its function into a more simpler task,the calculator.i keep thinking about the price,and maybe it will range from 400-600 bucks.

as my legs started to enter the tailor's shop,my eyes was pointed on a notes been sticked on the stated there,the fee for the tailor's is at least,550.not included with the duration for the attire to be done.well,butterflies in the belly*

but,it's ok.i considered that as a,my mother and i entered the shop and then showed the designer what kind of tux i'd,here's the dialogues.

me:aaa,tokey,baju camni boleh buat x?style japanese sket?blakang panjang2 sket?
T:ha?ini macam ka?sy dah tengok banyak kali style macam ni.memang popular ni.ramai tempah,cina,melayu,india pun ade(then he started to giggle,dunno why)
me:so,berapa harga die agak?bile boleh siap?
T:baju macam ni,artis je pakai ma.dia olang ade designer dolang sendiri maa.
me:oh,so sy x boleh la baju camni?(heh,u think u are an artist?pissed off)
T:boleh tu boleh,tapi duit manyak sket maa.
T:*he showed a "peace" sign with his fingers(means two)
me:ohhh,2 ratus je?wah,murah2.
T:dua latus tak boleh laa.mana boleh cari makan maa.2 libu maa(means two thousands)
me:erkkk?takpela tokey,sy gerak dulu.thank u.

my dream start to burst into pieces.waa,2 thousands to be spent for a starchy black tux?just for a dinner?is it worth?i dont think so.i decided to make a survey first,anywhere.ptfffff.pity me.T__T


next time maybe

get lost.will u?