See You soon..:)


I don't know whether i should feel sad of leaving something or i ought to be happy as I'm leaving all the hardship behind.No book for 4 months and the results are the scariest things right now.I reckon that my life would be as same as my life after the SPM,online,watching television,sleep and sleep.I know that there will be time,i start to feel boring and wanted my life to be coloured back by books.

But,ponder yourself saiful.U'll be missing your free time,because after this,every second will be moving so fast,and to exaggerate the story,there's no time for u to grab the food.Be praised,enjoy the holiday.

B.T.W,glad that all of my family and friends are here,in Ipoh,the city where i live,where i start to know how to spell apple,differentiate between car and cat,and having one of my best friend here is one of the greatest thing i ever had.

So,stop mumbling,off the laptop,go get foods,sleep tight,wake up again,do the same things..:)

Bad acts girl